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Are You a Left-Brainer or a Right-Brainer?

we take it for granted that the brain is divided into two sides, right hemisphere and left hemisphere, and that each side is responsible for different manners of thinking.upon a google search on brain studies,I was really amazed to know that we prefer to use one side of the brain to the other.Right brainers tend to be intuitive,impulsive,emotional,risk takers,and creative while left brainers are details-oriented,organized,logical,critical,abstract thinkers,and realistic.
Some people consider themselves whole brain thinkers in that they use equally their left and right brain capacities.Interestingly enough, the side of the brain we tend to use may determine our learning styles and personalities, not to mention instructors'teaching methods.
The handy infographic below gives more details about left brainers and side brainers and some pieces of advice to improve your skills and preferences

left brain vs right brain

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