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The Ins and Outs of the Wired Child

It goes without saying that every generation is well known for specific characteristics.This generation is labelled '' the connected or wired generation'' because the Internet is considered an integral part of their daily life.with the advent of iPads,tablets,and touch screens,children are inadvertently learning about technology in different ways.Now that schools are  fully aware of the importance of having tech-savvy children, kindergartners are expected to use a mouse to move a cursor on the screen,know where main buttons are on a keyboard,and have familiarity with at least five interactive applications,games or activities.Of course there should be boundaries to using the Internet.For instance,children under two years shouldn't be exposed to computers'screens;children aging two years and older can spend one hour using the computer,according to the Amerian Academy of Pediatrics.
 to know how children should safely approach the world of Internet,I invite you to go through the infographic below
The Wired Child

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