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15 Maths Apps for your iPad

If you are a big fan of iPad math apps, then you are in the right place.I have just meticulously compiled a list of good math apps students and teachers alike can use to enjoy the teaching and learning process.The list is of course not comprehensive;if you know any other app, don't hesitate to share.

  Graphically rich and fun environment allows a single student to learn basic math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Explore solutions to problems using number lines, wooden blocks, facts and hints. Solve nine-times problems using your fingers!
2.Math Ref
 Math Ref is an award winning education app. With it you can browse over 1,400 formulas, figures, and examples to help you with math, physics, chemistry and more. Use an expanding list of helpful tools such as a unit converter, quadratic solver, and triangle solver to perform common calculations.
3.Mathmateer™ Free

 Math can be fun! Build your very own rockets and fly them to the stars with Mathmateer!Play one of the many fun math missions. Each mission has touchable objects floating in space, including stars, coins, 3D shapes and more! Earn a bronze, silver or gold medal and also try to beat your high score. Missions range in difficulty from even/odd numbers all the way to square roots, so kids and their parents will enjoy hours of fun while learning math
4.Basic Math

This is an application based on the drill-and-practice instructional strategy. Similar to memorization, such a strategy presents the tasks to be completed repetitively to build up the foundation skills for more meaningful learning in the future.
5.Counting Bills and Coins
 Counting Bills & Coins lets you practice identifying and solving math problems with money. Count, match, and make change with coins up to quarters and bills up to $20. Practice money skills in five unique activities
6.Motion Math

This is an award-winning learning game that puts the action in fraction!Motion Math improves learners'ability  to perceive and estimate fractions in multiple forms.
7.Math Bingo
 The object of Math Bingo is to get a pattern of five Bingo Bugs in a row by correctly answering math problems. Math problems are presented at the top of the game screen. Feedback is presented at the bottom of the game screen. Correct solutions to problems answered incorrectly will be displayed.
8.Tell Time
 Little Matchups is an exciting interactive matching game that helps your child rapidly learn how to tell time by matching analog and digital clocks.
9.My Math Flash Cards
 My Math Flash Card App is for mastering basic elementary math facts. Its an easy to use and customizable application to enable focused learning.
10. Teaching Table
 Teaching Table provides educators and parents with interactive manipulatives to teach math concepts and guide students to mastery. No matter your curriculum needs or teaching style, Teaching Table provides a flexible framework that is aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Our app can be used whether you are leading a class, working with a small group of students, or tutoring a single child.
11.Everyday Mathematics
 The Subtraction Top-It game by McGraw-Hill offers a quick and easy way to practice and reinforce 2-digit subtraction computation and number comparisons. This two-player game runs on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.
  MathWise--fun for kids, analytics for teachers and parents
13.Addition and Multiplication Bubbles
 ☆ This app contains two games--Addition and Multiplication(base on Chinese Multiplication Table).
☞ Addition:Select number bubbles whose sum is equal to the target number.
☞ Multiplication:Select two number bubble whose product is equal to the target number.
  this app is entirely free. It offers access to 6 different math, logic, and puzzle teaches kids ages 7-77 the following skills:
•Math Problem Solving
•Math Logic
•Critical thinking
•Pattern Recognition
15.Sums Stacker
"Sums Stacker" is one of a series of challenges included in the award winning "Math Doodles" iPad app. This version of "Sums Stacker" has been designed specifically for the iPhone/iPodTouch screens.

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