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6 Amazing iPad Apps to Create Digital Portfolios

Digital portfolios are increasingly becoming popular in the ELT community thanks to their availability and easy accessibility anytime and anywhere.Today students,wherever they are, can access their portfolios and share them with their peers and teachers and parents can also track their kids educational progress.As our world is getting more tech-oriented,traditional portfolios,which were restricted just to in-class space and time,give way to to digital portfolios.In this respect,I am sharing with you some great Ipad apps teachers and students alike can use to create digital portfolios on the go.

1.Easy Portfolio
Easy Portfolio is the easiest and most powerful way to create an electronic Portfolio. Let your digital and analog work shine with this professional and truly gorgeous tool.
Students and Teachers will be able to capture and share their work with ease allowing them to showcase their learning in ways never before possible

2.Open School ePortfolio
This app allows you to create and assign student projects, take pictures, video and audio recordings of student work to upload right to a student’s ePortfolio and utilize our built-in rubric creator to gain access to Common Core State Standards, as well as other standards, to facilitate authentic assessment.

3.Three Ring
This is the easiest way to capture qualitative evidence of student learning.Three Ring allows teachers and students to document *anything*, organize it in seconds, and have it seamlessly available at school and at home, both in the app AND on the website:

Create and manage Kidblog accounts from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Teachers can monitor blog activity and moderate comments and posts. Students can easily upload photos and videos directly from their iOS device - with no embed codes or HTML. Happy blogging!

5. Flexfolios
Flexfolios app for the iPad is an innovative and groundbreaking way to present and showcase virtual, digital portfolios content.With Flexfolios you can create stunning visual presentations with multimedia capacities in seconds so you never miss an opportunity to promote yourself

6.Voice Thread
Create and share dynamic conversations around documents, snapshots, diagrams and videos -- basically anything there is to talk about. You can talk, type, and draw right on the screen. VoiceThread takes your conversations to the next level, capturing your presence, not just your comments. Anyone can join the discussion from their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC -- anytime, anywhere.

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